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Security Diagnostics

Check the safety and validity of protection measures for in-house systems, networks, and websites

Service Description
Carrying out security diagnostics that reflect the latest trends and attack methods in cyber crime assesses the deficiencies of existing security measures and is the first step towards minimizing the effects of an attack. Infosec's security diagnostics expose security vulnerabilities existing in the system, evaluate repercussions of attack on such vulnerabilities and report appropriate measures to take or proposals for improvement.
■Services Available
Network Security Diagnostics
This diagnostic efficiently exposes operation services and known vulnerabilities in systems such as servers and network equipment by using port scans, vulnerability scans and other tool diagnostics. In addition, manual diagnostics are run so experts can manually inspect the problems detected by tool diagnostics as well as issues that the tools cannot detect and propose measures to combat both types.
Source Code Review
The source code that a programmer has written down may have dormant security vulnerabilities even when it meets all system requirements. We conduct an expert review and provide support for pre-release modifications to ensure no vulnerabilities are created in the development stage. Fewer modifications need to be made at this stage, which reduces costs compared to problems detected after release.
Web Application Security Diagnostics
Employing Tool Diagnostics to expose problems efficient, this set of diagnostic tests then deploys Manual Diagnostics to diagnose screens with functions that are often prone to attack. In performing diagnostic testing, we gauge the utility form of authorized users while checking application behavior. We also pretend to be an attacker sending illegal requests in order to review changes in a system response, detect vulnerabilities and propose measures to address them.
Smartphone Application Diagnostics
This diagnostics testing targets the smartphone terminal environment and web application environment transmitted from an application. In the smartphone terminal environment, "manual diagnostics" are efficient in exposing the problem, while in the web application terminal environment "tool diagnostics" are efficient. Also, "manual diagnostics" will perform a detailed diagnostics of functions prone to attack.
Security Diagnostics
Deploying the Service
1 Initial meeting
  • Setting the range of testing
  • Determining the implementation date
  • Making arrangements and sharing information with relevant departments
  • 2 Diagnostic Implementation
  • Diagnostic Implementation
  • *We contact you before starting and after ending diagnostics
  • 3 Reporting
  • Create a Report
  • Start analysis
  • Analyze vulnerability risk
  • Investigate and finalize recommended measures
  • 4 Present report at meeting
  • Hold briefing session with relevant parties
  • *The customer and Infosec conclude a confidentiality agreement at the time of application for service.
    *We accept Q&A from the customer for a period 2 weeks from submission of the report.
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