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InfoCIC Web-borne Malware Detection Service

Early detection of Gumblar-type Web-borne malware

Service Overview
The early detection of Web-borne malware, typified by Gumblar, is increasing in recent years. News reports of the infection and falsification of major corporate sites abound.
Infosec's "InfoCIC Web-borne Malware Detection Service" accesses customer websites regularly to detect malware infection early and any attempt to tamper with the sites early on to bolster the operational stability of our customer's websites.
The InfoCIC Web-borne Malware Detection Service employs two engines to patrol and monitor, enabling detection of both unknown Web-borne malware and known dormant Web-borne malware.

First detection engine

This honey pot actually accesses the customer's website from a vulnerable environment on a virtual machine to monitor for any occurrences of malware infections (detects infection by unknown Web-borne malware).

Second detection engine

Infosec's proprietary "signature matching" detection engine (detects infection by known Web-borne malware).

Your site is regularly patrolled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Analysts check the patrol data and send notifications to your private Web portal site and E-mail.
Since we only patrol from the InfoCIC monitoring center to your Website, you are not required to deploy any software to your system.
Patrol monitoring can start within days of applying for the service.
Deploying the Service

Contact us


Infosec sales staff contacts you


Tell us the URL of the site to patrol.
*If needed, Infosec engineers will help you selecting the URL to patrol.


An engineer registers the URL to the system.


Patrol monitoring starts the next day.

Report Sample
Overview of Internet Explorer's 0-day attack 3
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The image of the InfoCIC Web portal site
The image of the InfoCIC Web portal site
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