InfoCIC Malware Detection Service

Detect and receive notices of Web and e-mail malware infiltration and malware-initiated external communications

Service Overview

Infosec uses FireEye's FireEye NX Series (Web MPS) and FireEye EX Series (Email MPS) to detect malware infiltration of a customer's network via the Web and E-mail. This product runs Web content and e-mail attachments in multiple virtual environments, performs dynamic analysis, and sends notification of the results if any malicious behavior is detected.

  • Located at points used to access the Internet, NX Series (Web MPS) detects transmissions from inside the network that could be malware infections and detects software intrusions via the Web.
  • When placed in the path of email transmission, EX Series (Email MPS) detects malware entering via email. The tool is particularly suited to detecting unknown malware intrusion via attachments in targeted email attacks. Combining FireEye Co. NX Series (Web MPS) and EX Series (Email MPS) tools enables information about malware intrusions by email to be shared with NX Series (Web MPS), and configurations in which NX Series (Web MPS) can detect whether a system is actually infected by malware.

Malware Detection Service


  • Infosec analyzes FireEye logs and notifies the customer by telephone (if urgent), dedicated portal, or E-mail when a transmission or a file intrusion is detected that could be malware activity.
  • For malware isolated by FireEye, we report the dynamic analysis results and FireEye analysis from the Infosec monitoring center.
  • We provide monthly summary reports of security-related information and data on security incidents the tools detected.

Image of configuration and monitoring

Image of configuration and monitoring

Deploying the Service

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  • Infosec's engineers design and build FireEye products based on customer consultation.

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