Security Monitoring System and Build Support Service

Service Overview

Attacks on information systems through the network are incessant, and in reality, we are surrounded by threats of information leak and system damage.
Also, there has been an increase attacks on an organization originating inside as well as those that originate outside. Both attacks are becoming more cleverly devised and harder to detect.
Under such circumstances, simply installing information security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) is no longer good enough to protect your system.

Infosec's security monitoring system is capable of dense log analysis by monitoring incidents occurring in an information system in real time, allowing information leaks and system attacks to be identified both from within and outside an organization and enable rapid response.

Security Monitoring System


Service is Effective:

  • To build a proprietarymonitoring system that targets large-scale information systems
  • To implement measures without providing the monitoring log and the factof an attack to external sources

Infosec's Strengths

We deploy experts knowledgeable on a wide variety of security monitoring systems and familiar with monitoring tools.
These experts support design, build and operation of an information security monitoring system optimized for the configuration and scale of your information system, from a vendor-free standpoint without limits on what products can be.
Infosec has provided our services to many customers including the Japanese government.

Deploying the Service

Steps to Service Implementation

  • Design Support

    The optimal security tools for a customer's system are selected and a system designed.

  • Build Support

    The system is built based on this system design that includes security tools and support is provided to verify operation.

  • Operational Support

    Infosec provides operational procedure, trains personnel in system operation, provides threat information, and supports troubleshooting.

Performance Record

We have vast deployment experience at both large companies and government institutions.