Cyber-attack Risk Assessment / Security Measure Planning Support

Supporting the planning of countermeasures by assessing cyber-attack risks

Service Summary

In response to malicious cyber attacks, we assess and gauge the condition of the actual threat you are under and how such threat affects you.
And in order to propose an effective strategic countermeasure, we find out (1) what kind of measure is currently implemented, (2) which security measure needs to be added or reinforced, and (3) which one of the security measures is the highest priority (and the reason for that).

Output example

  • Cyber-attack risk countermeasure assessment and debriefing report
  • Strategic countermeasures against cyber attacks


Do you have enough information security to prevent cyber attack, which are becoming more and more ingenious and exacerbating?

IT security consultants from Infosec assess your risk and current state of preparedness for cyber attack and help you plan appropriate strategic countermeasures.

1.Status (As-Is) Assessment

We assess and gauge the actual threat and how you are being affected by it.

[Items to be assessed and analyzed]

  • Records and assessments on recent occurrences and countermeasures for cyber attack.
  • Conduct surveys on the details of the current situation to further identify issues.
  • Risk assessment based on knowledge of the latest cyber attacks and countermeasures.

Based on the results of the report above, we design a plan to provide strategic countermeasures against cyber attack.

2.Strategic countermeasure (To Be) planning

Based on the results of the report above, we create a list of countermeasures to determine which should be the highest priority.

[Criteria for deciding priority]

  • Vulnerability and influence level of estimated threat
  • Effectiveness and weakness of currently implemented countermeasures against the threat
  • Burden and difficulty in implementing countermeasures (qualitative factors such as influence on availability, lack of resources and know-how, period necessary to implement countermeasures, etc.)
  • Cost of implementing counter measured (Is the investment worth the risk?)
  • Comparison with case studies from other companies (*only when benchmark comparison is available)

We provide a feasible plan by aligning strategic countermeasures for specific cyber attacks and brainstorming with related departments based on threat priority.

Service Deployment

An example of the implementation process

  • Phase (1)
    • Deciding implementation schedule
    • Selecting department to assess, prior explanation of the assessment summary
    • Creating and distributing assessment sheets
    • Adjusting interview schedule
  • Phase (2)
    • Acquisition and perusal of related resources
    • Hold interviews
    • Interim assessment report
  • Phase (3)
    Planning Strategic Countermeasures
    • Determine priority
    • Plan strategic countermeasures
    • Brainstorm with related parties
    • Modify strategic countermeasures after brainstorming
  • Final Assessment Report
    • Create final assessment report(combining interim report and strategic countermeasures)
    • Hold final assessment report presentation


Output Example

(1) Cyber attack risk/countermeasures assessment report
(2) Strategic countermeasures against cyber attacks

Cyber attack risk/countermeasures assessment report, Strategic countermeasures against cyber attacks

Implementation Track Record

  • Major general trading company group
  • Major manufacturing group
  • Major construction group
  • Major communications group
  • Major IT service vendors, etc.

Price of Implementation

From JPY 1 million
(Prices vary depending on extent and scope of the service)