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Message from the President

To Protect Your Brand

Infosec Corporation Representative Director Hironori Takahashi With the rapid development of ICT, our life and economic activity has come to require the use of cyberspace. In recent years, embodying IoT and advanced processing technology enabled by AI have fueled the flames of a digital revolution.
In cyberspace, you can exchange a large amount of data, foundation of the digital revolution, at high-speed regardless of distance. However, there are a number of threats to our society. A company negligent in response to these threats can instantly lose its brand reputation that took years to build, if confidential information is leaked

Infosec has always proactively deployed the latest and the most advanced technologies in the world since we started our company in 2001, in order to provide customers optimal solutions that ensure a safe and secure cyberspace. Infosec provides a series of services, such as making an information security strategy, implementing its plan, building IT systems and its operation. Infosec further provides security monitoring services 24 hours a day/365 days a year to detect and take measures against the threat of targeted attacks.

The most critical of our management resources is the professionalism every single employee who makes up Team Infosec shows that creates an environment allowing the full force of the Team to show.

All of us at Infosec aim to provide a safe and secure cyberspace for our customers that will encourage further growth and value creation and protect our customer's brand names.

Infosec Corporation
President & CEO
Hironori Takahashi

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