Message from the President

Continue to Evolve as a Managed Security Service Specialist

Infosec Corporation Representative Director Jiro Kitakaze

The advancement of digital business eliminates existing business models and accelerates significant change toward new business models. This situation blurs, overlaps, synergizes, and merges the boundaries of business categories and industries to a great degree, while at the same time disruptive innovations move forward. Without exception, those well-established firms and business giants in the business community are forced to burn their bridges behind them in order to make the necessary changes to survive in the business warfare of these times.

This drastic change in business demands a change in IT and network infrastructure, and increasingly drives automation and streamlining of traditional business processes, such as design, testing, application, and evaluation."

Amid such an environment, cybersecurity measures become more complicated and sophisticated, which will require expertise with diverse experience. Companies will sooner or later have to face much difficulty in dealing with this demanding situation.

As a pioneering managed security service provider in the field of cybersecurity monitoring services, Infosec has acquired a wealth of knowledge including the capacity in security monitoring, operating security systems, analysis, and emergency control. Taking advantage of our reliable knowledge and capacity, we continue to provide cybersecurity services for (mobile, cloud, information, and social) digital technologies.

As part of our businesses, we brought evolving security services to the market at an early stage, such as cloud security solutions in promoting cloud use, detection of incidents that occur at the endpoint, and the MDR service which serves to monitor and operate EDR with a focus on security responses.

Keeping up with our customers, we continue to evolve and grow as the leading managed security service provider that can handle every cybersecurity challenge existing in companies, the public, and social foundations..

Infosec Corporation
President & CEO

Jiro Kitakaze