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Message from the President

Protecting Customer Brands

Infosec Corporation Representative Director Hironori Takahashi Due to the rapid development of information and communications technology (ICT), dramatic changes are taking place in our daily lives and economic activities. What is more, electronic payment systems have become an indispensable part of financial services and logistics, and ICT itself continues to be further integrated into the domains of agriculture, infrastructure management, and disaster-prevention, etc.

With the release of its 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, the Japanese government set forth the "super-smart society" (Society 5.0), as a goal that the nation should achieve in the early 21st century. The Plan describes that, "In Society 5.0 the utilization of ICT should be maximized, where various needs are finely differentiated and met by providing the necessary products and services to those people who need them when they need them, and in which everyone shall receive high-quality services so that they may live a comfortable and invigorated life."

More than ever before, ICT, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are penetrating daily life. Humankind now stands on the cusp of the imminent onset of a digital industrial revolution, an event that shall itself bring a dramatic change in economic activity as the physical dimensions of our existence merge with those of cyberspace.

Meanwhile, with each passing year, cyber-attacks that target the organs of government and private enterprise continue to evolve, both in terms of their scale and sophistication. To wit, a recent report for FY2016 issued by the Information Technology Security Center of the Information Technology Promotion Agency pointed to a dramatic tenfold increase year-on-year of Ransomware attacks that demanded money and other assets from victims.

Targeted attacks which bypass the security measures that have been put in place by the organs of government and private enterprise are also causing ever-increasing amounts of damage. They lead to leaks of information, the exploitation of personal details being stolen from web-based services, and a denial of service resulting from website tampering, etc. In that it is projected that the scale and sophistication of such attacks shall evolve further in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, they represent a major issue in terms of the nation realizing its dreams of becoming the "super-smart society" that is known as "Society 5.0."

Since its founding in July of 2001, in acting as an information-security specialist, Infosec has provided a variety of services to Japan's central government, to utility and infrastructure companies, and to publicly-listed firms. Moreover, to equip our customers with leading-edge technologies and security services, as well as proactively recruiting and educating engineers who possess cutting-edge skills, in working with NEC Central Research Laboratories, one of our corporate parents, we have pushed forward with research and development to commercialize security-surveillance technologies that make use of both AI and the IoT. Since 2016, we have expanded our operations with new facilities in Vienna and Silicon Valley, and that has allowed us to realize our security-surveillance services on a global scale.

Looking to the future, in making use of the strong global network established by Mitsubishi Corporation, the second of our corporate parents, we hope to both promote business cooperation and information exchanges with overseas security companies. We also hope to expand our own overseas operations while concurrently providing our domestic customers with services that are unique, high-quality, and fast.

Infosec provides the following services.

    1. Security consulting
    2. Security systems' building and operational support
    3. Security surveillance services (Managed Security Service)
    4. CSIRT building and operational support
    5. Providing security intelligence
    6. PCI DSS certification support / audit services

Each Infosec employee aims to work together in providing information-security services that offer to our customers safe and secure cyber spaces that can act as a basis for further growth and value creation.

Infosec Corporation
President & CEO
Hironori Takahashi

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