2001 July Mitsubishi Corporation establishes Information Security Inc. (Headquarters: Marunouchi, Tokyo; Capital: ¥10,000,000), predecessor to Infosec
2002 January Company name changed to Infosec Corporation
March LAC Co., Ltd. installs SOC Audit Analysis System for U.S. company Riptech
March Capital increased to ¥400,000,000 and headquarters are moved to Kamiyacho, Tokyo. U.S. companies SAIC, Riptech, and LAC Co. Ltd. invest capital in May 2002
August U.S. Symantec Corporation, which had acquired Riptech, invests capital
2003 May Acquires the first ISMS/BS7799 Ver. 2 license in Japan
May Receives Authorized Managed Security Service Partner recognition from U.S. Symantec Corporation
June Assists establishment of JASA (Japan Information Security Audit Association)
2004 November Business expansion prompts movement of headquarters to Ebisu in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
2005 March Fiscal year changed to April-March
October Received certificate of gratitude from the Ministry of Defense for contributions to advances in information security measures
2007 March Mitsubishi Corporation becomes sole shareholder in Infosec due to capital strategies. Capital changed to ¥300,000,000.
October Starts Japan-based distribution and supporting operations for U.S. Big Fix Inc.'s endpoint management solution, Big Fix Enterprise Suite
October Creates a business alliance with SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES Co., Ltd.
December Contracted primary distributor of ArcSight products
2008 July Business expansion prompts movement of headquarters office
2009 December Certified by QSA (Qualified Security Assessor), a certification inspection arm of PCI DSS
2010 July Contracted primary distributor with FFRI Inc.
August Contracted primary distributor with UBsecure Inc.
October Contracted primary distributor with Macnica Networks Corp.
2011 June Headquarters moved to Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
December Contracted primary distributor with EMC Corporation
2014 March NEC Corporation invests capital in Infosec and the company structure shifts to joint management by NEC Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation
2015 March Contracted primary distributor with U.S. Norse Corporation
2016 October Establish Infosec Austria GmbH.
2017 January Formed alliance with NEC Corporation and Trend Micro Incorporated. providing for Advanced Persistent Threats
February Establish Infosec America, Inc.
2018 December Headquarters moved to Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2020 March NEC Corporation invests 100% capital in Infosec