Core Competencies

People, that merge Information and Technology, build a Safe and Secure Cyberspace

People, that merge Information and Technology, build a Safe and Secure Cyberspace Information Technology People

  • In cybersecurity field, new cyberattacks and threats appear every day for which companies across the world take countermeasures. There are no boundaries for cyberattacks. An effective counter measures to any attack require to get and leverage the latest information available in cyber security. In addition to our own activity to gather information, Infosec fully utilize the global network of NEC Corporation to get the latest information in a timely manner to deliver services.

  • Threats of cyberattacks by malware evolve every day. To deal effectively with such threats requires multi-layered defense be built so that if one layer is breached, another layer of protection defends. Infosec uses the world's cutting-edge technology to build multi-layered defense, and consultants and SEs with specialized expertise security provide customers a total solution from security consulting to 24-hours/365-days security monitoring services that ensures a safe and secure cyberspace.

  • What merges Information and Technology to provide the best solution are People with expertise. Infosec offers employees on-the-job training (OJT), internal and external training program, an internal system that encourages self-study to obtain many types of qualifications, and practical training at overseas subsidiaries. With these training opportunity, Infosec maintains employees as a team of professionals. Employees are the ultimate asset for us necessary to provide customers a safe and secure cyberspace.