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Our services cover both technology and management considerations, and put our client's needs first

Our Total Security Solution service, which integrates both management-based and system-based solutions, enables Infosec's team of risk management professionals to provide outstanding support for all types of information security measures.
Infosec's Strength can be summed up in four key concepts.

Our services cover both technology and management considerations, and put our client's needs first
Services that put client needs first
The information security and IT security industries have many companies, but Infosec is a vendor-free corporation with a third-person perspective that offers clients objective and logical risk management support.
Risk management involves many different IT tools and management methods, and no one specific method will work for all companies. Risk measures depend on the company's specific profile, including factors such as the type of industry, business conditions, corporation size, organizational system, and maturity.
Infosec does not simply rely on service packages. We provide each corporate client with expert knowledge in any field of information or IT security to establish a strong risk management service.
Optimal balance of technology and management
Technological expertise and management ability is necessary to establish a solid risk management service that begins with information and IT security. Security requirements may be fulfilled in terms of network and server technology, but operations are delayed without the management structure that maintains the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle. Oppositely, a top-knotch management system may be in place, but be unable to withstand a security threat without a physical security system.
Infosec designs and deploys complete systems that use state-of-the-art technology and information and IT security tools. We provide services for everything from creating a security management system to installing the systems and providing on-site education and operational support.
Knowledgeable team of professionals armed with superior technology
Infosec is a team of professionals working on IT system security and corporate risk management with a focus on information security. Infosec's professional team of employees are well-informed about the current states of a variety of industries. We aim to provide services of a higher value with the most up-to-date knowledge and insight in all types of industries.
The professionals on our team have been involved in information security and IT system security since the industry formed, and have the knowledge and expertise to show for it. The level of of our professional team enables Infosec to provide a wide range of technology and management services.
Proficient in information security and other fields of specialties, our team holds government and public-issued certifications. Our experienced staff satisfy client requests with specialized knowledge and technology.

<Infosec Employee Certification List>

[Information Security]

Information Security Administrator
CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional)
CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)
Personal Information Security Officer

[Audit/Examination] ISMS examiner

ISO/IEC20000 Examiner
PCI DSS QSA Examiner
Privacy Mark Examiner
CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor)
System Inspection Technician
CAIS - Lead Auditor
CAIS - Auditor
CAIS - Assistant
(CIA) Certified Internal Auditor


Information Process Technician Information Security Specialist
Information Process Technician Database Specialist
Information Process Technician Network Specialist
Information Process Technician System Architect
Technical Engineer (Information Security)
Technical Engineer (Network)
Technical Engineer (System Management)
Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)
Cisco Certified Network Professional(CCNP)
Novell CNE-J


PMI Authorized PMP

(As of September 1, 2014)

Track Record as Industry Pioneers
Infosec has been providing services to many companies since the formation of the information security industry. We expanded into IT security during that time to provide services to improve risk management in myriad major corporations in the electric, transmission, and broadcasting industries, as well as in the public sector.

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